All your data has been hacked and copied to my servers. Instructions inside

From: <francesca[DOT]buzzavo[AT]cbnetwork[DOT]it>
Subject: All your data has been hacked and copied to my servers. Instructions inside

Good Day.


This is the last warning.


I got into your operating system thru the Wireless device you were connecting to.

A couple of weeks prior, I accessed the systems that you utilized to get on the internet.



All of the information from your gadgets & devices has been quickly duplicated to my computers.



I can access all of your mobile device messengers, social networks, e-mail, history of chats, & contacts. My virus continuously upgrades its signature (driver type), so it stays not visible to anti-malware computer software.

I suppose right now you fully grasp, the reasons why I remained unnoticed until this exact day

Whilst gathering information about you, I noticed you’re a huge follower of adult web sites & more. You really like to stop by porn web pages and watch kinky vids whilst having an orgasmic pleasure.

I have surely made a web camera recording of you jacking off. The cropping and editing of the clip you were watching right at that moment and your self pleasure.

Your face is distinctly visible. I do not think this kind of content would-be great for your reputation.


I can easily forward this video footage to everybody who knows you.
I also have no trouble with making all of your personal information open to public on the net.

I believe you know what I mean.
It would be an absolute disaster for you.


I’ll wreck your daily life for a long time.


I really feel that you definitely don’t need that to happen.


Let us resolve it this way: you send me 1300 $ (usd) thru btc equivalent at the time of transaction), and i’ll immediately remove all of your information from my computers. Afterward, we’ll disregard one another.



My btc payment address for transfer: bc1q5syahdk4uvryzypzj8n0h9fl974zhs6xc7ucss



If you don’t know how to send cash and exactly what btc is. Then type in the Google “Buy btc”.

I present you with 3 working days to transfer the cash. The time launched counting automatically after you opened this e-mail.

I will get a message when this e-mail is exposed. Don’t try and search help, as the wallet address can not be tracked, email the message came from and can not be traced also & created digitally, hence there is no reason for texting me.

Don’t attempt to get in touch with the authorities and some other protection services, & if you do, your personal information will be revealed. Switching security passwords in social network sites, electronic mail, and gadgets will not help you, since all the data is already saved to my web servers.

Good luck and try to not do something dumb. Give thought to your possible future.