A New GMU eBill is Now Available

From: Jones, Matthew Thomas <matthew[DOT]jones3[DOT]wsu[DOT]edu>
Subject: A New GMU eBill is Now Available

Your financial aid awards for the 2019-2020 aid year are available for viewing.
You can view your awards by logging intoˇmyMasonˇ(just follow these 6 easy steps):
1. Log intoˇhttps://shibboleth.gmu.edu/ˇ
2. Select theˇStudent Lifeˇtabˇ
3. Click theˇMy Financial Aidˇlinkˇ
4. Select the Financial Aid Year “ˇ2019-2020″ˇ
5. Click you have been ‘Awarded’ to access your ‘Award Package – 2019-2020’ˇ
6. Select theˇAward Overviewˇtab to view your anticipated Cost of Attendance, Awards by Semester, and Total Awards
– Have your plans changed for the academic year?ˇ
– Are you receiving any additional scholarships or awards not currently on your award overview?
If so, please notify us immediately viaˇGMU?s Chat Now!ˇwebsite atˇstudentinfo.gmu.edu, so we can determine if there are any impacts on your awards.
Have a great day and good luck on your studies. Go GMU Uni!
Student Financial Aid Office
George Mason University
This is an unmonitored e-mail account, please do not respond to this e-mail. If you have any questions regarding this or any other financial aid matter please visit us atˇstudentinfo.gmu.eduˇ

George Mason University Financial Aid Office