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From: S Pearson <pra5242[AT]rastrickhigh[DOT]co[DOT]uk>
Subject: $696.89 charged


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You authorised a payment of $696.89
USD to (s.harry@verizon.net)<mailto:s.harry@verizon.net>
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8345ASD432<[*link removed*]>       Transaction date
July-12-2021 06:27:50 GMT+05:30

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8345ASD432[*link removed*]>

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1007 Astaire Ave, Duncanville, TX 75137, USA
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IPhone 12 Black 256GB(Order # 85474125 )        $696.89 USD     1       $696.89 USD
Subtotal        $696.89 USD
Total   $696.89 USD
Payment $696.89 USD
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