Wi-Fi & Wired Networks Intermittently Unavailable in Select Buildings on the Fairfax Campuses

Impact of the change on users:

The Wi-Fi and wired networks and VoIP phones in select buildings on the Fairfax campus may be intermittently unavailable during the maintenance period.

The following administrative and academic buildings will be affected:

  • Aquatic & Fitness Center
  • Archive Building
  • Buchanan Hall
  • Central Heating & Cooling Plant
  • College Hall
  • Concert Hall
  • Carroll Hall
  • Carow Hall
  • Child Development Center
  • David King Hall
  • Eagle Bank Arena
  • Enterprise Hall
  • Exploratory Hall
  • Krasnow
  • Music & Theater Building
  • Northeast Module 1
  • Northeast Module 2
  • Nottoway
  • Performing Arts Building
  • Planetary Hall
  • Rivanna Module
  • Roberts House
  • The HUB
  • Warehouse

The following residence buildings will be affected:

  • Adams (second floor)
  • Eisenhower (all floors)
  • Harrison (second floor)
  • Ike’s
  • Jackson (first floor)
  • Jefferson (first floor)
  • Kennedy (first floor)
  • Lincoln (second floor)
  • Madison (first floor)
  • Roosevelt (first floor)
  • Truman (first floor)
  • Washington (first floor)
  • Wilson (first floor)

Cell phone service will not be impacted. ResNet networks in the residence halls will be available; however, the following services may be intermittently available in the residence halls: eduroam Wi-Fi, key card access updates, and solstice pods.

Reason for the change:

ITS is reloading hardware. (ID # 253931)