Videoconferencing Rooms

All spaces listed are compatible with Webex Meetings, Webex Events, and Webex Teams. Clients are responsible for scheduling and disseminating meeting information to their guests or attendees.

Clients will be responsible for connecting to their meeting in spaces marked self-sufficient. All rooms listed as not self-sufficient will be assisted by Enterprise Collaboration. Prior to the day of the event, please contact Enterprise Collaboration at or 703-993-5580 for more information.

Additional on-campus rooms may be enhanced with cameras, microphones and speakers, but support for these rooms may be limited. Please speak with your room scheduler (or owner) for more information on equipment installed and the support available.

CampusBuildingRoom #SeatsSystemSelf-Sufficient
ArlingtonVan Metre BuildingB11916MX 700Yes
ArlingtonVan Metre Building *32235Cisco SX80Yes
ArlingtonVan Metre Building (4VA)72018Dual MX 800Yes
ArlingtonVan Metre Building ***31730USB Camera/MicYes
FairfaxAquia22916Single Room 70Yes
FairfaxEngineering160512Webex Room Dual 70Yes
FairfaxEngineering * (4VA)290312 Dual MX 800Yes
FairfaxExploratory*L11141Webex Room Kit ProYes
FairfaxInnovation *13135Cisco C40No
FairfaxInnovation **21112Cisco SX80Yes
FairfaxInnovation33430Cisco C40No
FairfaxInnovation41915Cisco C40No
FairfaxJohnson Center311D15Webex Room Kit ProYes
FairfaxMerten Hall1201152Webex Room Kit ProYes
FairfaxMerten Hall (4VA)300118IX 5200Yes
FairfaxMerten Hall30055Webex Room 55Yes
FairfaxPeterson Hall ***110630USB Camera/MicYes
FairfaxPeterson Hall ***110930USB Camera/MicYes
FairfaxPeterson Hall ***241124USB Camera/MicYes
FairfaxResearch Hall163100Cisco C40No
Front RoyalAcademic *10435Polycom UnitNo
Front RoyalAcademic 21910Polycom UnitNo
LoudounSignal HillMobile14+Cisco C40No
LoudounSignal Hill***11126USB Camera/MicYes
LoudounSignal Hill***20830USB Camera/MicYes
LoudounSignal Hill***20930USB Camera/MicYes
Science and TechnologyKatherine G. Johnson Hall25416Webex Room Dual 70Yes
Science and TechnologyKatherine G. Johnson Hall *25835Cisco SX80Yes
Science and TechnologyColgan Hall22110MX 700Yes

* Classroom

** Classroom after 4:30 p.m.

*** Classroom compatible with Webex Meetings, Webex Events, and Webex Teams only. Camera and mic are connected through the desktop instead of a codec.

(4VA) Conference rooms with 4VA class priority.

Note: All classes that wish to be placed in a videoconference classroom for the semester must submit their request to their department scheduling coordinator, who will work with the Registrar’s Office and submit the request prior to the Registrar’s deadline for the upcoming semester. In your request, indicate that you need a TVC space. If you wish to conference between more than one Mason campus indicate that in your request. You may note your room preference but that does not guarantee the space.

Find your department’s coordinator at