ITS-Approved Standard Endpoint Devices for Faculty & Staff

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a dynamic, reliable, and secure computing environment for faculty, staff, and students to achieve their goals at Mason. ITS requires that faculty and staff use Mason-managed endpoint devices for their work and research. Visit ITS-Approved Computer Hardware Standards for Faculty & Staff to see a list of computers approved for purchase with Mason funds.

What is a Mason-managed endpoint device?

A Mason-managed endpoint device is a device owned and managed by Mason—not personally owned. Mason-managed endpoint devices come with standard hardware configurations that ITS reviews annually to ensure that they offer optimal performance and longevity. Mason-managed endpoint devices work straight out of the box with basic software applications already preinstalled.

What are the benefits of having a Mason-managed endpoint device?

Spend more time using your endpoint device and less time managing it. There are several benefits of using ITS Mason-managed endpoint devices.

  • Work smart, not harder, on endpoint devices configured for high-performance and longevity (i.e., projected 5-year lifespan).
  • Lower your purchasing costs by buying preselected and preconfigured endpoint devices.
  • Get up and running quickly. Most ITS-approved standard endpoint devices come with Mason’s software image installed, which contains basic software applications most commonly used across at Mason (e.g., Microsoft Office, etc.).
  • Take advantage of self-service options that are available through Software Center (Windows environment managed by SCCM) and Mason Self Service (Apple environment managed by Jamf) when joined to the ITS-Mason network. Self-service options allow you convenient access to optional software applications, as well as critical security updates, application updates and upgrades, and operating system upgrades to ensure your endpoint devices remain stable and secure.
  • Save on maintenance and software licensing costs for the life of your endpoint devices.
  • Enjoy higher productivity with less downtime.
  • Get faster access to support services when you need help.
  • Benefit from a simplified computing support environment by standardizing across campus.

How do I purchase a Mason-managed endpoint device?

ITS has identified preconfigured endpoint device models from select manufacturers for purchase that have been tested by ITS with Mason’s standard software image. ITS-approved computer hardware standards for faculty and staff are available for review. For additional information or assistance in purchasing an endpoint device that meets ITS requirements and supports the Mason image (Windows) or can be auto-enrolled in Mason’s managed network (macOS), please submit a request for a Desktop Consultation or contact the ITS Support Center.