How to Use Webex for Interviews: Policy and Procedures

Webex can be used for videoconference or phone interviews.

Step 1

Determine How Interviews Will be Conducted

Step 2

Request to Reserve a Meeting Room for the Committee

Step 3

Schedule WebEx Sessions
  • Log in to your Webex account at and Schedule the Meeting(s).
  • Schedule a separate Meeting for each interview.

Schedule For: Set to the committee chair.

Meeting Topic: “Meeting with Mason Dept of X” followed by the candidate’s initials. This will help keep the sessions organized.

Date and Time: Schedule interviews with 10-15 minute gaps between candidates.

Attendees: Enter the email address of the candidate and committee members and they will receive an email invitation to the Meeting.

Alternatively, copy and paste the information listed under that specific Meeting and send it in a separate email.

DO NOT include the Host Key.

Alternative host: DO NOT select Let anyone with a host account host the meeting, especially if the candidate is internal.

Step 4

Update Enterprise Collaboration
  • Scheduled in an Enterprise Collaboration supported space?
  • Please provide a copy of the completed spreadsheet prior to the first day of interviews.
    • Enterprise Collaboration will import all pertinent information, should assistance be needed.

Step 5

Test with candidates
  • The same Meeting link created by scheduling for the interview can be used for testing.
  • Tests do not need to occur in an Enterprise Collaboration space.
    • The candidate should be in the same location and using the same device they plan to use for the interview.
    • Test for the candidate’s audio/video connection. Allow time to troubleshoot any issues with their device or network prior to the day of their interview.
    • See Webex Testing and Troubleshooting Tips for more information.

webex meeting

Step 6

Conduct Interviews
  • On the day of the event, the committee chair will initiate the Webex Meeting connection.
  • If using an Enterprise Collaboration space, this will be done via the Touch 10 Panel. Dial the video address followed by the host key and #.
    • Use the same panel to lock/unlock the meeting, start/stop recording, mute/unmute participants.
    • While waiting to start, put the meeting on hold so the candidate cannot see or hear the committee.
  • When the interview has concluded, end the Webex call.
    • Want to stay connected to the remote committee member(s) after the interview?
      • Have a separate link scheduled for that purpose, or
      • Have a laptop connected to the session and “expel” the candidate from the Meeting.

If you are recording the interviews

  • Let the candidate and committee know that the interview will be recorded. Use the panel, or laptop, to start/stop the recording.
    • The recording can only be initiated by the meeting host.
HR recording policy
  • All interviews that are recorded must be downloaded by the requesting party to a CD or flash drive and included with all the paperwork generated by a search committee.
  • It is not the responsibility of ITS, Enterprise Collaboration, or the Webex administrators to be compliant with record retention.

Using Webex for Phone Interviews

Follow the steps 1-3 above to schedule the meeting

To start a phone call into the Meeting:

  1. The candidate can use the information from the Meeting Invitation email to call from their phone.
  2. Alternatively, the committee can call the candidate. If you choose to do this:
    • Do not send the invite to the candidate.
    • At the time of the interview, connect to the meeting via your computer.
    • Under Participant or the icon go to Invite and Remind
    • Click the phone icon and add the invitee name and phone number then click call.
  3. Once connected, the candidate and any committee members using Webex for the meeting will appear on the participant list.
    • Right-click on their name to edit how names are displayed, mute/unmute the candidate’s audio, and expel them from the meeting once the interview is over.