How to Use Inline Grading/New Box View

Inline grading has been updated with a new tool called New Box View (Box) which can be used to post annotations to student assignment submissions in the Grade Center. Box has replaced Crocodoc which is no longer supported.

View the Blackboard video Inline Grading in the Original Course View.

Adding Annotations in Box

Step 1

On the Grade Assignment page, click on the Point Annotation (comment) icon in the tool bar.

Step 2

The message Click anywhere to add a comment to the document will display.

Step 3

Click where you want to add a comment, add the comment, then Post.

Step 4

After you have finished adding comments, click on the Close button in the toolbar.

Using the Drawing Tool

Step 1

On the Grade Assignment page, click on the Drawing Annotation Mode icon in the toolbar.

Step 2

The message press down and drag to draw on the document will display. Click Okay.

Step 3

Click anywhere in the document and drag the pointer to draw and then release. Click Save or Delete.

Step 4

Continue making drawings on the page. Click Done when you are finished.

The drawing tool is only available in Black.

Once a drawing is created and saved, it cannot be moved to a different location on the submission.

Drawings can be deleted after they are saved by clicking on the drawing and selecting Delete. Multiple clicks may be needed depending on the browser you are using.

Highlighting Text with Comments

Step 1

Select/highlight the text in the document first. A pop-up window will display.

Step 2

Click on the marker to highlight the text and optionally, select the comment icon to add a comment.

Comments can be reviewed (and additional comments added to an existing comment) by pointing to the highlighted text or comment icon.

You can view and annotate these document types in Box:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX)
  • Microsoft Word (Doc, DOCX)
  • PDF

Download Annotated PDF

After the submission has been graded, both instructors and students can download the annotated version of the writing assignment by clicking on the download file button on the grading panel.


  • Student-submitted documents prior to the implementation of Box are still accessible along with annotations made through Crocodoc. These annotations cannot be modified or removed by the new grading tool (Box).
  • If the file doesn't render when you access the Attempt, click on the Refresh button located to the right of Hide User Names and above the Exit button.
  • After a student submits a document, they are taken to the Review Submission History page and the student is emailed a receipt for their submission.  On the page, they will see a box that has the document file title with a message that says: "This file is being converted. The estimated wait time is ___ seconds."  However, even after waiting for the designated time posted, the document does not display. The student can simply refresh the page or exit and re-enter the assignment to see the rendered file.
  • Comments are no longer noted to the side of the submission as they were with Crocodoc, but rather are blue comment boxes within the text. The student may not immediately realize that there are comments on their work, especially if they use a title page or there are no errors or comments on the first page. We recommend either making a note to the student in the Feedback to Learner box to let them know there are comments or insert a comment at the start of the submission that is clearly visible that lets the student know there are comments in the submission.
  • Although it appears that a student can reply to a comment that the instructor added to the document, the "Post a reply…" option is for the instructor to add additional feedback to the student, not for the student to reply to the instructor.
  • Saved comments cannot be edited, but can be deleted.
  • You (or the person grading on your behalf) must enter a grade and submit the attempt before the student can view the annotations.
  • Annotation sessions expire after one hour if there is no activity on the Grade Assignment page. You will receive a warning message before the session expires. After the session expires, new annotations cannot be added and any feedback entered in the Feedback to Learner box and/or grade will not be saved unless you click on the Refresh button.  Need more time? Select Save Draft to save your work and continue later. Your text and files are saved on the page. When you return, you can resume working.
  • Mac users running Safari 11.0.1 in High Sierra may not see the file render on the Grade Assignment page even after selecting the Refresh button. Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy. Under Website Tracking, deselect Prevent cross-site tracking. After refreshing the Blackboard page with the inline/Box viewer at least one time, you can return to Safari Preferences and revert back to the default privacy options.
  • Assignment text that was highlighted in Crocodoc will not be visible in Box using Internet Explorer 11. To view the text, click the Box's Print button to read the text in the print preview window or use a different browser.
  • In Box, when selecting text, sometimes it highlights the whole page, highlights nothing or does the selection without bringing up the commenting box. This only happens when using Internet Explorer 11. Please use a different browser.
  • Comments made with Crocodoc will be chopped-off by the right margin when viewing those comments in Box. Zoom in/out using Box zoom tools will resolve this issue.