How to Share a File/Folder in the Blackboard Content System

By changing the permissions of a file or folder in the Content System, you can grant others access to read and/or edit the files. This is often used in department folders (in the Institution Content area) for a specific course or program.

You can grant different levels of access:

  • Read:
    Users have the ability to view items or folders.
  • Write:
    Users have the ability to add or edit an item
  • Remove:
    Users have the ability to remove items from the folder or the folder itself.
  • Manage:
    Users have ability to control the settings of items and folders.

Permissions you grant to a folder will apply to all sub-folders and items within the folder.

Once shared, users can either navigate the Content System to access the folder or file, or you can send them a direct link.

Step 1

Once inside Blackboard, find the folder/file you want to share. Click the Permissions icon.

Step 2

Choose who you want to give access to. You can choose a specific person, a course or organization, a type of user, or make the item public.

Step 3

Tell the person you are sharing with how to navigate to the item or folder, or get the link to send to the person. To get the link, hover over the item or folder name, click the arrow, and choose 360 View. Copy the Permanent URL.

Note:  Users can bookmark an item or folder, so it is easily accessible form their Bookmarks tool on the Content page and they will not have to remember the link.