How to Request a Videoconference Space

Enterprise Collaboration requires that all requests for videoconferencing services and spaces be submitted via 25Live Pro, the university-wide scheduling system. It is important that you follow these instructions so that Enterprise Collaboration receives the request along with any other information needed to organize your event.

As a rule of thumb, Enterprise Collaboration will always add 15 minutes of set-up time, and 15 minutes of take-down time. This ensures a buffer between events in the space and is the time we use to establish and test the connection.

Step 1

Log in to 25Live Pro and click Create an Event.

Step 2

  • Enter the name and title of your event (these can be the same).
  • Enter the event type: Enterprise Collaboration-Videoconference Event
  • Select your department as the primary organization and list any additional department if others are involved in organizing the event.

Step 3

Enter the Expected Head Count for the primary location.

Step 4

  • Enter the event date and time

  • Does your event repeat?
    • Yes. Event repeats and is the first in a series. See Step 4a.
    • No. Event is a single occurrence (does not repeat). See Step 5.
Step 4a: Yes- Event Repeats
  • Click Repeating Pattern

  • Select how the series repeats (Ad hoc, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly). Click Select Pattern.

  • Ad hoc will allow you to pick the dates on the calendar.
  • You can verify scheduled event dates/times by clicking View All Occurrences for confirmation.

Step 5

  • In the Locations Search section please type in the word VIDEO and select VIDEO CONFERENCING SPACE. If you are currently teaching a class, please indicate the current class location in the Event Comments section.
  • A Location must be clicked and appear under Selected Locations below. If you submit an event with no location under Selected Locations, then your request will not be processed.

Note: You will not select the specific room. If you have a room in mind, include that information in the comments section at the end of the form. Enterprise Collaboration (EC) is able to schedule videoconference space at each Mason campus, so you do not need to reach out to other campuses to coordinate your event. EC schedules space based on your expected attendance, the type of meeting, and availability. All equipment is interoperable, so videoconference rooms are able to connect to one another via your scheduled Webex meeting.

Enterprise Collaboration assigns resources to your event to help our technicians know more about your event should you require assistance.

  • All spaces have HDMI cables for laptops to connect. Please check your computer for an HDMI port. If your computer does not have an HDMI port, you will need an HDMI adapter.
  • Some spaces have a desktop in the room. Email to confirm what equipment is in the space you are assigned.

Step 6

Under Event Attributes, complete the applicable fields, or “X” the attributes that do not apply. For example, if someone else will be in charge of the event the day of, provide their contact information in the Event on-site Contact (Name, Phone, Email) section.

Step 7

The person submitting the request should list themselves as the scheduler and requestor. After submission, the individual in Enterprise Collaboration finalizing the request will change the name of the ‘scheduler’ to their own name.

Step 8

If you have additional details you would like to share with Enterprise Collaboration please list them within the Additional Comments section. Information provided may include:

  • Other locations (campuses) requested
  • Room or building preferences
  • All Webex information associated with your meeting, if known

Note: Enterprise Collaboration will not connect your meeting. However, providing Webex meeting information allows us to troubleshoot any issues in a timely manner.

Step 9

Click Tentative then Save. Once your request has been saved, it will route to Enterprise Collaboration’s task list. Event requests will be returned within three business days. If Enterprise Collaboration does not have space available or needs more information, we will contact the requestor before finalizing the event.