How to Join Webex Meeting with a Cisco Touch 10 Panel

Using the touch panel in the room (usually located in the center of the conference table):

Step 1

Tap the join icon on the touch panel main screen.

Tapping the touch panel will start the system (wake monitors or power the projectors).

Step 2

Enter only the 9-digit meeting number or NetID when the video address ends in and press Next.

If the meeting is hosted by another organization, the address will look like or

Step 3

If you are the Host, enter the Host Key now.

Leave blank if you are only an attendee.

Step 4

Tap Share to show a presentation to the Webex meetting.

Note: If the Host has not joined yet, you will be unable to share content until you are made a Presenter or Host.

  • If a PC is installed in the room, you may need to wake the computer.
  • You may share via the HDMI input or wirelessly with Cisco Proximity.

Step 5

Tap End to leave or end the meeting.

If you are the Host, this may end the meeting for all participants.

Advanced Options

If you are a host of the call on the room system, tap the Keypad on the main screen of the touch panel to complete the below functions.

Keypad commands as Host:

  • ## Mutes all participants
  • 99 Unmutes all participants
  • *9 Starts recording
  • #9 Stops recording
  • *5 Lock/Unlock meeting
  • 2 Toggles available views and layouts of participants
  • 8 Toggles available views and layouts of participants

Pausing (Hold) Your Meeting

Tap the Hold button on the main screen of the touch panel to mute BOTH your camera and microphone.

Press Resume when ready to join the meeting again.

Note: When joining a Webex meeting from a computer in the same room as a video system, you should not connect your audio to the computer's Webex instance. Your audio is already being captured and delivered to the meeting via the room system.