How to Install Symantec Endpoint Protection for Macs

Note: You must uninstall any virus protection software on your machine prior to installing Symantec Endpoint Protection or you may experience serious software failure.

Step 1

Uninstall any previous copies of Symantec antivirus by using the directions and tools available on the Symantec website.

Step 2

Point your browser to Enter your NetID and your Patriot Pass Password at the login screen.

Step 3

Select the antivirus configuration Managed (automatic updates) = university-owned computers.

Step 4

Accept the license agreement and proceed to the download page. If you do not accept this agreement, you will be directed off the Mason Symantec Endpoint Protection web page.

Step 5

On the download page in the MAC OS-X.

Step 6

Once you have selected the appropriate link, you will be taken to the download page. At the bottom of the page, click Click HERE to download the software to begin the download process.

Step 7

Select Macintosh for the type of operating system.

Step 8

Click HERE at the bottom of the page to begin the download process.

Step 9

A file called or, with respect to the system type, will download to your desktop.

Step 10

Choose Save to disk and click Open.

Step 11

Select or, and click Continue.

Step 12

Once the installer begins, you may be required to enter your OS X login password. Once authenticated, click Continue to proceed with the installation.

Step 13

Click Accept when you get to the Symantec Software License Agreement.

Step 14

Select the destination drive and click Continue.

Step 15

Click Install.

Step 16

Files will begin copying to your hard disk.

Step 17

Answer YES for “Do you want to install live update.”

Step 18

Finally click Logout. Symantec antivirus is now installed.

Remember installing antivirus software is the first step. The second most important step is to ensure that your virus protections are up-to-date. If the Mac is Mason-owned, it can be enrolled in Jamf Pro at to receive automatic updates in the future. Periodically verify that the virus definitions are up-to-date by launching the application. If you aren't sure, click the LiveUpdate button.