How to Install iClicker & Link Information to a Blackboard Course for Mac

Note: Instructor must have an iClicker base, at least one instructor iClicker and iClicker software (either on a flash drive or installed on a laptop).

Step 1

Download a fresh version of the iClicker Classic for Mac software from the downloads page. Then, double click the downloaded .dmg file to mount it.

Step 2

Create a new iClicker Classic folder on your desktop.

Step 3

Drag and drop the file from within the .dmg disk image to the new iClicker Classic folder on your desktop.

Step 4

Open up the new iClicker folder and it should look like this, without any other files or folders. Double-click the iClicker icon to run the software.

Step 5

If you see a pop-up message about iClicker being software that is downloaded from the internet, click Open. You'll know the software has installed successfully when you see a little pop-up window that asks you to select the language. Also, the first time you run the iClicker software, it will automatically create all the supporting files and folders for you (Classes, Resources, etc.).

Step 6

Now you can set up the LMS integration. Download and unzip the LMS_Wizard.xml file and then drag and drop the xml file to the Resources folder (which is inside the iClicker folder).

Step 7

Enable iClicker in Blackboard. In your course, go to Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability

Step 8

Check off boxes next to "i>clicker Instructor Resources" and "i>clicker Student Resources"

Step 9


Step 10

You must obtain the security key from Blackboard to enter into the iClicker software. While still in your Blackboard course, go to the Control Panel and access Course Tools. Click iClicker Instructor Tools at the bottom of the Course Tools list. Click the SSO Security Key link. Enter your Mason username and the security key when asked in the iClicker software.

Additional Information

Further documentation and video tutorials are available through the iClicker website.

Detailed Blackboard integration instructions are available from the iClicker website.
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