How to Add Grading to Interactive Video Quizzes in Kaltura

IMPORTANT GRADING FEATURE: You can add a quiz to any media by using the Kaltura Video Quiz Creation tool available in your MyMedia. Once created, video quizzes can be placed anywhere in a course-just like any other media.

Note: if you want to integrate student scores from a video quiz into the Grade Center automatically, you must use the Kaltura Video Quiz option only available in Assessments.

Video quizzes can be automatically added to the grading center and scored when using the Kaltura Video Quiz tool located in Assessments.

Step 1

Go to Assessment.

Step 2

Select Kaltura Video Quiz from the dropdown menu.

Step 3

Select your Video Quiz from the MyMedia window.

Step 4

Title your Quiz and select any other optional parameters.

Step 5

Select Submit.

You will now see a new column created in the grade center and scores will populate as students complete the video quiz. Note: a student can only take a Kaltura quiz one time. Even if the quiz attempt is cleared in the Blackboard Grade Center, the student cannot retake the quiz.

How to View Quiz Results

To view aggregated and individual quiz results, go to the MyMedia tab and select the quiz to go to its page. Below the video preview, click the Actions button and select Analytics.

Additional Information

For more information, please visit the Kaltura Interactive Video Quiz knowledge page.