Best Practices and Troubleshooting for Web Conferencing via Webex

Best Practices

  1.  Use the application:
    1. When prompted, use the application to join a meeting instead of the browser.
    2. The Webex Productivity Tools, Desktop Application, and Webex Teams application will be pushed to all Mason managed devices soon. If you are not on a Mason managed device, please download the applications. You can find information on downloading the applications on our Webex and Webex Teams websites.
  2. Use a headset. This will help minimize background noise and deliver clear audio.
  3. Mute:
    1. When you are not speaking, mute your microphone.
    2. If you are joining audio via phone (not the application on your smartphone) *6 lets you mute/unmute.
    3. If you are the host: Navigate to the menu at the top of your screen and select “Participant” -> “Mute on Entry” so that you are not constantly muting people coming into the meeting. They will be able to unmute when they need to mute. You also have the ability to “Mute All” or mute individual users by right-clicking on their name”.
  4. Avoid speaking over each other. When you want to speak next you can hover over your name and select the “Raise hand” icon near the video and audio icons.
  5. Have your documents up and ready to share. Select the application instead of your screen so that your notifications are not shared.
  6. If you are going to be speaking frequently, please disable or mute notifications.


  1. Connect through the application.
  2. If there are audio or video issues:
    1. Have everyone turn off their video. When they move their mouse over the meeting video or their name, they can click on the video icon button to turn on/off their video.
    2. Change your audio source to your phone. (For more information, see the article on troubleshooting audio.)
    3. If you are connected on multiple devices, make sure your microphone is muted on all additional devices.
  3. Connect via ethernet whenever possible.
  4. Make sure your network is not overloaded with multiple devices connected and active.
  5. Make sure your application is up-to-date.

If you have gone through these steps and still experience issues, please contact the ITS Support Center

For more information see the Webex Help Center.