Technology Support Services (TSS) Chargeback Policy

Date of Last Revision:  15 October 2018


The purpose of this policy is to identify the chargeback costs for Technology Support Services (TSS) Desktop services.


Warranty vs. Out of Warranty Repairs on Equipment

All George Mason university-owned equipment which is still under warranty and is presented to TSS Desktop for repair will be repaired at no charge to the customer. Only out of warranty systems will incur a cost of repairs to equipment that is not covered by a warranty. The cost charged back will be for parts and labor needed to complete a repair.

The following activities performed by TSS Desktop will not incur a chargeback:

  • No labor charge for any troubleshooting for in warranty repairs or network jack activations.
  • No labor charge for Mason supported software installations except when the customer specifically asks for a reformat and OS reinstall.

The following activities performed by TSS Desktop will incur a chargeback:

  • $35 Charge per Occurrence:
    • All technology installations including computers, peripherals such as printers.
    • Installation of parts into equipment not required for a repair. For example, adding more memory or an additional hard drive to a pc.
    • Requests to rebuild/re-image a computer other than for repair purposes. For example, when an employee leaves, a request is made to reformat and rebuild a computer for the next user.
  • Out-of-Warranty Repairs—Part Chargeback:

    Prior approval is required from the customer for any out of warranty replacement part. The customer will be charged the actual equipment or part cost for any out of warranty repair. (The cost to repair a printer will be evaluated versus the cost of replacement of the printer to determine the most cost-effective solution for the customer)


Prior to performing any service which requires a chargeback, TSS Desktop will provide an estimate of charges. Once approved by the customer, an organizational code should be provided for the chargeback.