About the Award

Dimensions of Leadership:

  • Encourages and/or empowers others to achieve, creates enthusiasm, a feeling of investment and a desire to excel
  • Instills a sense of mission, teamwork and support
  • Energizes people to overcome barriers to change
  • Inspires a sense of urgency/immediacy
  • Positively influences others to build consensus in a group, department or organizational setting
  • Helps others develop by investing time and effort
  • Exhibits a spirit of cooperation and willingness to help others
  • Develops trust and credibility through open, respectful communications and demonstrating accountability
  • Serves as a role model to others through positive and productive client and colleague relationships

All ITS personnel below the Director level.

Nomination accepted from:
Especially ITS managers in support of the recognition of a staff member who exhibits leadership at any level, but any member of ITS or Mason may nominate a person who they believe exhibits leadership.

Selection process:
The selection process is coordinated by the ITS Operations Team. Once the submissions are collected and packaged, the Ops Team will submit the nomination packages to the ITS Senior Leadership Team who review the nominations and recommend a winner.


  • Formal recognition at the Semiannual All-Staff meeting
  • Name engraved on the ITS Leadership Impact plaque that will be displayed outside the CIO's office
  • $200 (Student wage winners receive an alternate prize)

Leadership Impact Award Nomination Form

  • Please provide comments (with examples) on how the nominee exhibits one or more of the following:
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LIA Awardees

Leadership Impact Awards are presented at the biannual ITS All-Staff Meetings.

Previous Leadership Impact Awards

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Spring 2021: Richard Wood

Richard Wood, General Manager/Executive Producer, GMU-TV

“Richard's work ethic and positive attitude make you feel like anything is possible. This past year presented many barriers to overcome and completely change the way we host events and deliver messaging to the University. He never says he can't use a platform or software tool. He figures out what we have available and how to make it work.”

“Imagine a daisy chain of 10 different computers all hard-wired into a switcher. Imagine a production that required not one, but two directors, two technical directors -people doubling and tripling up on roles and responsibilities while striving to maintain social distancing. Nearly 12-months later, perhaps a number of you can imagine it –at the time, the scenario was unheard of. That is, until Richard Wood created it for Mason.”

“It's cheesy to say we're not just a team, we're a family, but that's how it feels. We support each other, and we support the educational mission of the university, and we're able to do so while being understaffed and working through a pandemic because we have a leader who keeps us going."

Spring 2021: Judy Fortin

Judy Fortin, Manager, Business Intelligence Services

“Judy is a steady leader who puts the needs of team members ahead of her own. She focuses on the goal at hand and supports others by providing them what they need to be successful.”

“I think what helps the most with Judy is that she is ambitious but realistic. Even if she is asking for something difficult, after talking it through and understanding a problem a little better, it really motivates you to achieve a positive result.”

“During the pandemic we were forced to work remotely. Judy proactively made sure that we did not lose touch with our teammates. She organized visual team lunches so that we can keep in touch. It is a great, yet simple, team building activity. This encourages us to trust in our team and work”