About the Award

Dimensions of Leadership:

  • Encourages and/or empowers others to achieve, creates enthusiasm, a feeling of investment and a desire to excel
  • Instills a sense of mission, teamwork and support
  • Energizes people to overcome barriers to change
  • Inspires a sense of urgency/immediacy
  • Positively influences others to build consensus in a group, department or organizational setting
  • Helps others develop by investing time and effort
  • Exhibits a spirit of cooperation and willingness to help others
  • Develops trust and credibility through open, respectful communications and demonstrating accountability
  • Serves as a role model to others through positive and productive client and colleague relationships

All ITS personnel below the Director level.

Nomination accepted from:
Especially ITS managers in support of the recognition of a staff member who exhibits leadership at any level, but any member of ITS may nominate a person who they believe exhibits leadership.

Selection process:
The selection process is coordinated by the ITS Operations Team. Once the submissions are collected and packaged, the Ops Team will submit the nomination packages to the ITS Senior Leadership Team who review the nominations and recommend a winner.


  • Formal recognition at the Semiannual All-Staff meeting
  • Name engraved on the ITS Leadership Impact plaque that will be displayed outside the CIO's office
  • $200 (Student wage winners receive an alternate prize)

Leadership Impact Award Nomination Form

  • Please provide comments (with examples) on how the nominee exhibits one or more of the following:

LIA Awardees

Leadership Impact Awards are presented at the biannual ITS All-Staff Meetings.

Previous Leadership Impact Awards

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Spring 2019: Lauren Reese

Lauren Reese, Manager, Communications & Marketing

Lauren rocks! She is an absolute difference maker for all projects she partakes in. There is a special joy and energy she brings that make every project inherently that much better to work on together. That is no small task in trying to work with various ITS groups, across numerous priority projects, all while trying to maintain a consistent message and brand. Lauren never blinks and keeps making ITS a high achiever!

I admire her talent as a leader and as a communicator. Regardless of how involved she has been on an assignment, if you ask her a question or for advice, you're going to get a well-thought out response. She has creative ideas and even when you know she's overwhelmed with work, which is probably always, you'd never know because she always beams with enthusiasm and motivates everyone around her to stay positive and find ways to enjoy the work they're doing.

There have been a few times where I needed to express the urgency of an issue and she proudly replies with ‘ten-four’ to acknowledge the request. The best part about Lauren is that she’s always available to just listen to your idea and give you feedback.

Lauren embraces One ITS. She embraces we over me. She not only helps shape and brand our mission, but she also lives it every day. She is respectful, demonstrates integrity and fosters a wonderful sense of team and teamwork. Her astute ability to bring a voice for ITS that is unique, friendly and approachable to all patrons of George Mason is a large part of the success and buy-in we achieve every single day. Lauren has done a great job in maturing the ITS communication processes and instilling a larger understanding of the need and avenues for communication.

Fall 2019: Christina Frasson

Christina Frasson, Videoconference Technology Specialist

Christina is a rock star. There are many instances and projects that she has added her golden touch to, but most notably is her administrative and management wizardry of the WebEx rollout. Christina led this project not knowing a thing about WebEx or even how to develop a technical application for deployment on any scale. But what she did was say yes, put her head down, and ran with it. She was enthusiastic from day one, learning all of the facets that the product could do as well as the inter-mixes of creating the backend infrastructure. She pulled in a good, solid team that held expertise in areas needed to get this project moving and the enthusiasm grew from there.

At times, Christina felt she was in over her head but then something would break through and turn out exactly as planned and you could see her excitement and astonishment grow as she congratulated the team on all of the advancements made to date. Her enthusiasm was contagious. She worked long, hard hours, going that extra mile even after normal business hours to work on areas where only some of the team were available. She kept everyone in the loop and made sure that the buy-in was there and ready for next steps. She created guides, tutorials with photos, did one-on-one and group trainings, and promoted the product throughout the Mason community. She is the WebEx Ambassador for ITS.

Being the professional that she is, her positive attitude continues to shine. Christina easily motivates people. She has been able to get groups on campus to switch over from our other technology for web-conferencing to WebEx, and show them the benefits. She works with faculty, staff, and students on anything from creating reservations in 25Live – to WebEx instructions – to leading groups for Staff Senate – to teaching young minds. Christina has been critical in working with these groups to make sure that they understand our processes and the importance of planning on their part in order to make it easier on both parties to take care of everyone’s needs. The volume of last minute meetings has diminished greatly due to Christina going that extra step for departments to make the mental change to use 25Live and basically change the way they do business, enabling smoother operations. Christina may wear several hats during her days at Mason but the one she currently wears best is the Mommy hat as she juggles working full time and being mommy full time. Only organized leaders can take on that task and keep coming back for more. Christina does it willingly and with a smile on her face.

When I am working with Christina, on either WebEx, Telepresence or other projects, she always encourages and empowers others (including me!) to achieve their objectives. She creates enthusiasm towards our end goals. When finished, we all leave with a feeling of investment and a desire to excel.