About the Award

Dimensions of Teamwork:

  • Demonstrates ownership and accountability for achieving project/committee goals/tasks
  • Demonstrates resourcefulness when faced with challenging problems and/or constrained resources
  • Works to do what is best for all stakeholders
  • Develops innovative solutions to business challenges and embraces change as an opportunity for growth
  • Exhibits an openness to new ideas and partnerships
  • Participates in collaborative problem-solving, breaking down boundaries and/or create new relationships to improve the way work gets done
  • Inspires a high level of commitment from others when taking on new initiatives

ITS project teams of any kind including, but not exclusively, teams working on PPMO managed projects, as well as members of committees and groups working on significant tasks that reduce cost, or enhance the effectiveness, or efficiency of ITS.

Nomination accepted from:
Especially ITS managers in support of the recognition of work of their teams, but any member of ITS or Mason may nominate a team.

Selection process:
The selection process is coordinated by the ITS Operations Team. Once the submissions are collected and packaged, the Ops Team will submit the nomination packages to the ITS Senior Leadership Team who review the nominations and recommend a winner.


  • Formal recognition at the Semiannual All-Staff meeting
  • Team name engraved on the ITS Extraordinary Achievement plaque that will be displayed outside the CIO's office
  • CIO sponsored/hosted luncheon with the team members and project/committee sponsor(s)

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Spring 2021: Safe Return to Campus Tool and HealthCheck Application Projects


Safe Return to Campus Tool and HealthCheck Application Projects

Team Members

Mike Briggs, Mohamad Falah, Shawn Jennette, David Montgomery, and Amir Tofighi


As part of the larger Safe Return effort, 2 major deliverables were the Safe Return application and the COVID HelthCheck application needed to be delivered to the university community to allow for:

  1. Safe Return:
    1. Submission/intake of departmental safe return plans and material requirements
    2. Administrative workflow for response and tracking/reporting of the plans and requests
  2. COVID HealthCheck:
    1. Development of an application with SSO with a HIPPA compliant backend server infrastructure
    2. Daily submission of the symptom and activity plans of the university community on a daily basis
    3. Administrative response workflow capability built into the application
    4. Tracking and reporting of the flagged submissions and data export for external reporting and data management

Both applications were developed leveraging tools and technologies developed internally to build solutions in an effective and timely manner, with flexibility to adjust to changing requirements and demands

Spring 2021: Fall 2020 Safe Return to Campus Classroom Preparation

Fall 2020 Safe Return to Campus Classroom Preparation

Team Members

Raymund Cabahug, Christine Cho, John Clark, Crystal Clemons, Chris Galvan, Trong Ho, Jeff Kling, Saied Miremadi, Ben Patton, Zane Phipps, Eric Potter, Troy Powers, Nick Smith, and Doug Whetzel


As the pandemic moved from spring to summer to fall, the university was actively planning for the possibility that some in-person courses would be available in the fall 2020 semester. The list included 200+ spaces across Mason’s three campuses and included rooms that were maintained by ITS (45%) with the rest being maintained by academic and administrative departments. To do the work required, a cadre of CaLT staff members took on the task, amid the pandemic.

Working together to help the university offer in-person courses, safely and using social distancing, this team of committed individuals exemplified what it means to collaborate and their work played a major role in helping to keep the university supporting the needs of its students.